Hey Pack 711!

The Scouting Year is kicking off tonight with some Join Scouting fun at Dearing Elementary!

Here's our JSN and first Pack meeting dates coming up:

  • September 7th: Dearing Elementary (6:30) Join Scouting Night
  • September 12th: Highland Park Elementary (6:30) Join Scouting Night
  • September 18th: St. Elizabeth Church (7:00) The first Pack meeting of the year!

2017 Picture Mega Upload!!

Hey Scouters,
Unfortunately, we've been a bit light on webmaster time, so the pictures have taken a while to get uploaded.  Well, They're all caught up now :)  Check out the Photo Gallery section for all the scouting goodness!

Join Scouting Nights

We just got confirmation from Highland Park Elementary that our Join Scouting Night presentation there will be September the 12th @ 7:00 PM. If you are thinking about getting into Cubscouts, come on by and see what we're about!

The Caldwell Elementary date is still this Tuesday, September 6th.


2016-2017 Year Kickoff!

Hey Scouts, it's that time of year again! We're starting our scouting year with our first Pack meeting on September 19th @7:00 @St. Elizabeth's Church!

For new scouts we are having our first recruiting / informational meeting on September 6th at Caldwell Elementary @7:00PM. Our Highland Park meeting will likely be the following week.


Food Drive!

We had an awesome food drive this year! Pack 711 collected almost 700 pounds of food for the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry!