Pinewood Derby Rules

EDIT:  For this year, we have decided to use the rules from 2011.  See the document here:


Remeber the January Pack meeting will be the derby build night with tools available to help your car construction.  Good Luck!


Fall Campout 2012

Despite a little rain, the Fall campout was a blast! Click below for pictures

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Pack Meeting Monday

The first pack of the year is Monday at 7:00 PM! If you are new to the pack or looking to join, St. Elizabeth's church's address is on our 'About' page.


USS Lexington Sleepover

Our second summer activity for 2012 was a sleep over on the USS Lexington in Corpus Cristi! Over 50 scouts and adults attended from Pack 711, not including the family members that just stayed for the day. The scanvenger hunt had pack members running all over the ship and ghost stories kept us up at night (not to mention the 'coffin' beds ;) ). Click through for a photo slide show.

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Rocket Launch!

The first mid-summer for 2012 was a model rocket launch! We had 3 pads going non-stop from 7PM until it was too dark to see the rockets. Click through for the picture slide show.

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